Monday, April 2, 2018


Hey everyone!! Wow.... this week went by so insanely fast. I honestly
don’t even remember what I did. All I really remember is that Friday
we had exchanges and Saturday and yesterday we had conference.

But it was definitely a good week! Because it was the last week of
Easter pageant. For 2 years!!!! Cause they’re going to close down the
Mesa temple for two years for renovation and whatever else they plan
on doing. Nobody knows what’s going to happen.
We tried to get a few investigators to the pageant this week. But it
didn’t happen 😭 we ended up going twice over the past two weeks
though. Once on the Spanish night (duh) and another night in English
with an inactive family. The Easter pageant is LEGIT. But some people
complain that have seen it every year for like ever because they never
change it 😂 I’ve only seen it 3 times so I still like it.

Wasn’t conference amazing? I loved it. And was nooooot expecting those
changes! They’re very good changes though and I 100% support it.
For this conference it was a little crazy. We needed up watching it in
3 different locations. For Saturday, we watched the first 2 sessions
in a stake center with other elders, the priesthood session we watched
in our own stake center with a bunch of guys, for the Sunday morning
we watched it in the primary room in our stake center, and for the
last session we went over to a members house and watched it. We were
just everywhere!

This upcoming week is going to be an exciting one! We have 2 baptisms
in our ward. The sister missionaries are holding these baptisms. But
Elder Ghormley is going to baptize one of them and then I’m going to
confirm him!! I’m super excited. His name is Julian and he’s awesome
hahaha. Then there is another one for a girl named Monica.
Valencia is such a good ward!!

I hope you guys had a good Easter. Never forget the true meaning of
why we celebrate it. I know growing up that I never knew, I just
wanted my toys 😂

And last thing, I 100% sustain the new prophet Russell M. Nelson. In
conference I was reassured that he is the prophet today and that he
leads and guided this church. Don’t ever doubt that! I loved the talk
by (forgot the name) that said something like, “instead of putting
questions marks behind the prophets words, we should be putting
exclamation points”. Don’t ever question the prophets words. You are a
part of the true true of Jesus Christ. The prophet guides us (you) and
leads us (you) on the best path possible back to our Heavenly Father.
Listen to his words.

Well, that’s about how my week went 🙃 i hope you guys enjoyed
conference and just had a fantastic week!! Love you and keep being

Élder Hepworth

Monday, March 26, 2018


Hey everyone!!!!

So this week was eventful!!! I feel like we did so much. And I’m super
tired. But I feel accomplished.

So earlier this week it was just normal. Until Wednesday. I got a call
to give a talk in sacrament meeting!! It wasn’t a big deal. I just
didn’t want to prepare it honestly 😂 the subject was “cómo prepararse
para la conferencia general” (how to prepare for general conference).
It was actually a little hard to find out what to talk about for 15
minutes about that. But I did it! I got creative with it. And
something cool happened! So, I still get a little nervous when I talk
in front a lot of people (the Valencia ward is huge) because it’s just
public speaking. I mean it’s not my favorite thing. But I’m totally
willing to do it! And it’s kind of fun actually. Idk it’s weird how
that works. But anyways, I prayed beforehand and I just asked Heavenly
Father if he would help me not be nervous because I don’t like being
nervous. And it was just so cool how while I was sitting down waiting
to talk I was nervous (like usual) but as soon as I stood up and
walked up to the pulpit I just got super calm! And I was able to give
a super good talk. I think. It’s not like a super miraculous thing.
But God listens and he answers our prayers! Doesn’t matter how small
it is.

Also on Saturday two kids that I taught in my past area got baptized!!
I didn’t baptize them but I’m counting them as my baptism too. Even
though I got moved out of the area. We went to the baptism and we got
to do the “halftime show”. That’s what we call it. It’s just a short
presentation after the baptism while everyone gets changed back into
their nice clothes. And I actually liked doing that. But we taught the
message of the restoration in like 10 minutes and it went super well
(keep in mind all of this stuff was in Spanish).

And then in two weeks we will have a baptism of a little kid named
Julian! Élder Ghormley is going to baptize him and I’m going to
confirm him in sacrament meeting the day after. I’m super excited for

And we have 3 people on baptismal date that will be baptized on the
28th of April. They’re three little kids. They love going to church!
They’ve gone a good 4 times and they love it. They already have so
many friends. And the ward also bought them some really nice church
clothes. The ward is so supportive!!!

On Saturday we went to the Easter pageant!!!! It was in Spanish. I’ve
never seen it in English. But it was amazing. Definitely recommend.
And before that we had this thing that we called “La Entrada” and it’s
where all the Spanish wards/branches in the area get together in the
park next to the visitors center (pioneer park) and they just all
bring and cook food and we eat for a few hours before the pageant.
We had an investigator and his children show up and watch it with us.
They loved it. And it was super cool because his little boy is
hyperactive but during the whole play he was just sitting there super
still and watching!!

Well that was my exciting week!! I hope you guys had a good one. Love you all

Élder Hepworth

"Mesa does not lack palm trees"