Monday, October 17, 2016


I am officially here in Arizona. Oh my goodness it is hot here. Everyone is like "no, it is not hot" and I'm like "honey, yes it is. It should not be 95 degrees in the middle of October." Oh well. It will only get cooler from here on out. I am loving it here! The people are awesome. Even though I don't understand them very well because they speak some ffaaaast Spanish! I can understand more than I can say. My companion is from the Dominican Republic so he is talking to me in Spanish a ton, so I am learning it really fast. Whenever we teach I just kind of sit there like what the heck did you just say. It's crazy how fast I am learning it though. We aren't having a ton of success because the people we go to are like "oh can you come back later" or they just don't answer the door. Like yesterday we had a family as if we could come back later, so we were like well heck yeah we can. So we did, and when we knocked on the door they turned off their TV and were really quiet so it seemed like they weren't home. But we straight up knew that they were there. It was honestly hilarious!! 
Yesterday we went to go visit some people that my companion taught before. Long story short we were talking to this girl named Brianna. She was Skype-ing her friend. Her friend had some questions for us. They were, "so, do you guys like never sin? Or what?" and she had another comment that was really funny. She has a bucket list, and one of the things on the bucket list is to "smoke weed with the missionaries" HAHAHAHA!! Brianna asked if we drink or smoke weed. Definitely not hahahaha. 
This whole week just flew by! It was crazy. My first Sunday was rough just because I was so tired I was falling asleep and the classes were obviously in Spanish, so I didn't understand a lot of it. but hey that's okay it's only the first week in the field. 
I am in a driving area, and I am the one driving! I obviously don't know the area. So my companion will be looking at the directions on his iPad and will tell me where to go. Often times he will get confused and have me turn the wrong way, or we will get mixed communication and I will go the wrong way or something like that. There is a machine in each car called a "Tiwi". It's just a thing that tells how well you are driving. If you are going too fast it will say "check your speed" or if you are a crappy driver it will say "agressive driving". I am a safe driver I promise! haha. 
Everything is legit here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else or doing anything else. You guys are awesome! Keep being awesome. I love you all
Elder Hepworth
We use those beach ball things to be our investigators during companionship study haha! 
Elder Hepworth and his trainer Elder Familia
1st Apartment in Arizona Living Room


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