Monday, October 31, 2016

10/31/2016 - I am a missionary for Halloween


I meant to email a lot earlier but we went on a hike this morning that took a lot longer than intended! It was amazing though. I needed it cause I can feel myself gaining that fat. Honestly I cannot remember much about this week because all of the days just mash together and they go by so quickly too. But, I have a story. So, yesterday my companion and I were just knocking on doors trying to find a referral that we got (long story on why we didn't know exactly where his house was), and we knocked on this person's door (and keep in mind that literally everyone here has these weird screen door that are like cages and so when they open the door you can hardly see the person and it's like you're talking to yourself) and it was this woman and she was like "WHO IS THIS" and we told her that we were missionaries, and as soon as we said that she shut the door. Buuut, she didn't shut it because of us, she shut it because she needed to get her dog out of the doorway because it was barking and was really loud. And so for a few seconds my companion and I were like uuuhhh... and I just started laughing because it was honestly a hilarious moment!! But they she opened the door back up and finally opened her screen door so we could see each other. And basically the only cool thing about this story is that she was from the Ukraine and had this legit accent and she goes to a Ukrainian church in Phoenix. But yeah she wasn't interested. I don't really know where I was going with that honestly. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well!! I'm doing awesome here in the AZ. Oh and happy Halloween everyone! This year I'm dressing up as a missionary. 
Elder Hepworth
Elder Hepworth Hiking Apache Junction
Elder Hepworth Hiking Apache Junction

Elder Familia (trainer) took pumpkin pie on hike!!!


Elder Hepworth sitting on a ledge!  "Dad would wring my neck if he could reach me!"

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