Monday, April 24, 2017


What's GOOD familia and amigos 

How was your week? Well.... hope it was grand. But if it was not then well, life gets better my friends. It has its ups and downs but PRESS FORWARD WITH FAITH AMIGOS!! 
My week was pretty great!! I think. Idk honestly like every day goes by so fast and it's all the same so I don't remember much. Well, I remember, but idk if it was from this week or like a month ago 😂 that's how fast the mission life goes by!! 
So, let's do this day by day. 
Monday - we do the same thing every p day. We go play zone sports, then Elder Sorensen plays basketball with other elders and I sit there and write emails because I ain't about that life. If we go play golf or do some cheer stunts (but we can't do the cheer thing and never will I'm obedient guys gosh) then count me in. But nah. This last Monday we did like nothing haha. I took a nap from 4-6 and then we went back to doing the lords work. 
Tuesday- I think that day we had district meeting? Do you guys know what that is? We have district meeting every week... with our district. LOL. So, we have that every week, and every transfer we have Zone training meeting, and zone conference. The difference between those two is that some training meet is with your own zone, and zone conference is with other zones with President Townsend and his wife. But anyways, yeah we got taught about obedience at district meeting by my companion. 

*** hear me out fellas. OBEDIENCE will ultimately only benefit YOU. Apply this into your own lives, but I'm going to relate this to the missionary life because that's all I'm about right now. So, lesson time. Let's begin...... 
What is obedience? Obedience simply put is doing what you are asked. Why is it important? For your personal benefit. You can be disobedient on your mission and the Lords work is still going to be done, because he's not going to stop it just cause you're being stupid. But, you will get nothing out of your mission. You will have regrets. You will have not grown to your greater potential. After your mission you are going to feel regretful because you didn't do all what you were asked. After all, it's only two years out of an eternity. With obedience, comes more opportunities to feel the spirit and more strength to resist the temptation. We are here to learn the good from the evil and to be able to resist the evil and choose the good. How can we learn to do that if we aren't obedient? 
It's easy to apply this to your lives as non missionaries. Instead of reaching just your full potential as a missionary, you will actually reach your full potential as a child of God. You will more fully fulfill your purpose in this life. BE obedient to the lords commandments and all that he asks of you. He did not tell you it will be easy, BUT it will all be worth it. It is all for your personal benefit, anyways. By being obedient we will gain more control of ourselves and overall become stronger. ***

Wednesday - I don't even know guys. Missionary work of course! From Wednesday night to Thursday night we did exchanges. I went with the district leader so he could evaluate me as a missionary. I was ON BIKE for the day. I actually really liked it I wasn't even complaining. It was super hot though. Like guys... homies.... it's already 100 degrees here. Like no. Just no. 

Friday - we got to do some weekly planning SON. We often have a lunch with some other elders before we start weekly planning cause we just feel like it. We ate pizza. I'm getting sick of pizza. I've had it so much lately. Bleh. But yeah weekly planning is so tiring. BUT ANYTHING FOR THE LORD

Saturday - we did some good work! Literally just living the mish. 

Sunday - church. We had 3 investigators come!! There's one named Samuel who tiene todas las de ganar! (Is golden) when we found him he asked us where the church was and that he was going to come before we even had the chance to ask him if he wanted to. He has come the past two weeks in a row and told everyone that he's going to seguir adelante (keep moving forward) with this church. YUS. We also have this other investigator from Columbia that came and he is just super sweet. He's the same age as us too! 

Well, I think that is suficiente for this week. Peace out amigos ✌🏾 love you all! Have a great week. You're the best. Stay faithful. 
Elder Hepworth
One of our members
was trying to text us in English 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it says, "you are
the most beautiful girl hahahaha. Wassup my nigga you no good"

Elder Birthday Party Mexican Tradition

Mural in Mesa




Monday, April 17, 2017



¿Qué pasa? 
Espero que todos estén bien en estos días. De verdad, ésta semana estuvo difícil. Teníamos tres personas con fechas bautismales. Pero parece que no van a pasar los bautismos, porque uno de las personas nos dijo que su mamá le dijo que no se puede bautizar. La otra persona quiere esperar un poquito más porque no se siente listo. Y LA OTRA PERSONA está perdido... casi. Cada vez que pasamos por él, hay otra persona que contesta la puerta que nos hace una excusa. ¡Una vez él contestó! Pero nos dijo que pudiéramos pasar otro día, así que pasamos otro día y él no estaba. Es como nuestros investigadores se están cayendo de la faz de la tierra. No bromeo. Es la vida de un misionero. Solo tenemos dificultades ahora. Siempre recuerden a mantenerse feliz en los tiempos difíciles, mis amigos. 
Pero, aparte de eso, el área está bueno ahorita. ¡Encontramos a dos nuevos investigadores esta semana!
A veces, yo me siento como estoy en México otra vez porque unas vecindades se parecen a México, donde se encuentran puros mexicanos. 
Oh, otra cosa. Aquí en la misión, tenemos un límite de millas. Entonces, nuestro límite es setecientos millas para el mes. Bueno, la cosa es que nuestro área se extendió y nos dieron menos millas. Así que vamos a sobrepasar el límite este mes. Se nos van a enojar a nosotros. Whoops. ¡No es nuestra culpa! Nuestro presidente de la misión nos dijo que necesitamos comprar una bicicleta. Como resultado, vamos a tener el carro, con las bicicletas sujetadas al carro. Vamos a montar las bicicletas por unas partes del área y manejar el carro por otras partes. Ugh. Demasiado trabajo. 

Bueno, por otra parte, estoy bien! Andamos bien. ¡Se disfruten la vida!
Les amo - Elder Jepqort 

What's up?
I hope everyone is well these days. Indeed, this week was difficult. We had three people with baptismal dates. But apparently not going to happen baptisms, because one of the people told us that his mother told him that you can not baptize. The other person wants to wait a little longer because you do not feel ready. And the other person is lost ... almost. Every time we passed it, there is another person who answers the door makes us an excuse. Once he answered! But he told us that we could spend another day, so we spent another day and he was not. It 's like our researchers are falling off the face of the earth. I am not kidding. It is the life of a missionary. Only now we have difficulties. Always remember to stay happy in difficult times, my friends.
But apart from that, the area is good right now. We found two new investigators this week!
Sometimes I feel like I'm in Mexico again because some neighborhoods resemble Mexico, where they are pure Mexican.
Oh, another thing. Here in the mission, we have a mileage limit. Then our limit is seven miles for the month. Well, the thing is that our area was extended and given fewer miles. So we will exceed the limit this month. We were going to get mad at us. Whoops. It's not our fault! Our mission president told us we need to buy a bicycle. As a result, we will have the car, with bicycles fastened to the car. Let's ride the bikes for a few parts of the area and drive the car by other parties. Ugh. Too much work.

Well, on the other hand, I'm fine! We walk well. Life Is Enjoy!
I love you - Elder Jepqort)

Okay, I'll write this in English now. 
So, WHATS UP?! I hope you guys are all doing well! Truthfully, this week was difficult! We had three people with a baptismal date but it seems like they're not going to get baptized, or at least for a little while longer. So, don't expect any pictures soon, fellas. One person can't be, another person wants to wait a while because he doesn't feel ready, and another person just like stopped wanting to talk to us all of a sudden. One time when we went to visit him he answered the door and told us we can come by another time, so we can by another time and he wasn't there. Other times another man answered the door and he just made up some excuse or whatever. I mean it's all chill. The lord has a plan. I ain't mad. No me enojo. It's the life of a missionary! We got difficulties. Buuuuuut, always stay happy in times of difficulty! 
Other than that, the area is legit! I love it here. We found two new investigators this week! 
Sometimes I feel like I am in Mexico again. Because there are some neighborhoods in my area where it's just pure Mexicans. LOVE IT. I've come to the conclusion that I'm like an inside out coconut. 
Oh and another thing is that here in the mission with our cars we have a limit on our miles. So, they gave us 700 miles. Our area got bigger and they gave us less miles! So we are totally going to go over on our miles. We tried to talk to the asistentes but nobody is listening to us. They're going to get mad at us. Whoops! It's not our fault! So what President is trying to do is get everyone to have a bike. So the area that are big will have a car and a bike, so that way we use less miles. So now we have to go buy a bike!! Maaaaaan. Man. Bro. No just kidding I'm chill with it. I am totally down to ride a bike. The only thing I'm not excited for is the weather. It's starting to get hot down here fellas! LIKE REEEEEALLY HOT YOU AINT EVEN KNOW

Okay, well... other the other hand I'm doing really well!! I'm loving life. Love life, children. Enjoy every moment even when it may not be that great. 
Love you all! 
 - Elder Hepworth 
Elder Sorensen forgot to read the directions!  No using dish soap!


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Elders Hepworth and Sorensen

Monday, April 10, 2017


Ok I wanna write a little bit of this in Spanish, cause I'm really feeling it. I'm gonna write a story so all of y'all white folks just put it in a translator. If it translates it wrong.... then idk hahaha 

Ok, en el 8 de Abril fuimos a La Pastorela de Pascua. Estuvo en español. Antes de la Pastorela, fuimos a una fiesta con todos los barrios y ramas todo alrededor de Mesa. Bueno, para mí la comida estuvo rica, pero para mi compañero.... no. Vimos la Pastorela y todo en paz, regresamos a la casa un poquito tarde, y nos dormimos. A las once de la noche me compañero se despertó y fue al baño para vomitar. Yo me desperté al ruido de él, vomitando. Lo juro que él vomitaba cada cinco minutos. Bueno, trate de dormirme otra vez porque la verdad no me importaba mucho. Whoops. Pero, como a la medianoche él me despertó y me pidió una bendición. Claro, yo estaba dispuesto. Le di la bendición, y todo estuvo bien después de eso. Creo que él se despertó unas veces más. Me dijo que se despertó como a las cinco y media o a las seis para vomitar, y dijo que no iba a ir a la iglesia hoy. Dijo él, "screw that". Así que él durmió hasta la mediodía. Me desperté y me bañé, pero yo no le iba a despertar. Así que, le dejé dormir. Y claro yo dormí también un poquito más. El sueño es precioso. Al final, todo estuvo bien. Ya no está enfermo. A causa de la bendición, yo creo. ¡Tengan fe!
(TRANSLATION:  Ok, on April 8 we went to La Pastorale Easter. It was in Spanish. Pastorale before we went to a party with all the wards and branches all around Mesa. Well, for me the food was rich, but for my partner .... no. Pastorale and saw all alone, went home a little late, and we slept. At eleven o'clock at night I woke companion and went to the bathroom to vomit. I woke up to the noise of him throwing up. I swear he vomited every five minutes. Well, try to sleep again because I do not really care much. Whoops. But as midnight he woke me and asked me for a blessing. Of course, I was ready. I gave the blessing, and everything was fine after that. I think he woke up a few times. I said he woke up at five thirty or six o'clock to vomit, and said he would not go to church today. He said, "screw that". So he slept until noon. I woke up and took a bath, but I was not going to wake up. So I let him sleep. And of course I also slept a little more. Sleep is precious. In the end, everything was fine. He's not sick. Because of the blessing, I think. Have faith!)

So this week just flew by. My area is awesome! I'm finally learning where everything is at😂 my companion can't drive because he doesn't have his Tiwi Card, so I have to drive all the time. I'm chill with it. 

So this week was the beginning of "La Pastorela de Pascua" or "the Easter Pageant" at the Mesa Temple. I sent picture so it just shows how legit it was. We went on the night that was in Spanish cause all of the Spanish missionaries went and we did some fun stuff with talking to people in the audience and before the play we had a fiesta with all of the Spanish wards/branches in the area. Authentic Mexican food 😛😛

The work in this area is fire. We found another 3 people who are willing to listen to us this week. Our area in some parts looks straight like Mexico. It's legit. So legit. 

Some of my area looks super ghetto, but then other parts look super bougie. Best of both worlds? 

Well... yeah that's all I got... love you all 
Elder Hepworth
Mesa Easter Pageant

Mesa Easter Pageant

New District

Don't I look smart?

Monday, April 3, 2017



So yes as you've all heard, I got transferred this week! I am now in
Mesa, not Apache Junction anymore 😛 it's awesome! My area is pretty
big. I'm in car! (Thank goodness) I wouldn't have been mad if I was on
bike though. I'm bound to be on bike at some point in my mission. I'm
down for it actually. But I mean i want to take advantage of all the
car areas if you know what I mean.
My companion is Elder Sorensen. He's legit! I'm the senior companion
by literally a transfer. So it's really weird. But I dig it. So, when
I got in this area we already had 3 people on baptismal date, and I
swear we have like 60 investigators. Our area book is massive. I was
like... wow this is really different compared to my last area. What is
My companion and I live alone and it's really nice cause I get my own
bathroom and closet and what not. Privileged? Nah. But it also gets a
tad bit boring because roommates are literally so fun. There are two
sets of Elders (us included) in our complex and so I believe next
transfer they'll just move those other elders into our apartment. I'm
totally down for it. I want roommates tbh. But anyways, yeah the
apartment is definitely a downgrade from what i was in before, but
it's not even that bad. The complex is called "the Moorings" and
whenever somebody hears you're in those apartments, they're like ew.
And I'm like yeah what's it to ya? ... so yeah that's my life.
So, my area literally looks like Mexico in some places. There are
Hispanics everywhere and I love it!! There's even some people that do
stuff like they do in Mexico. Duh? Lol. But no, by that I meant that
there are these people who will ride around on bikes with stuff
attached to the sides to sell and when I saw that for the first time I
was like what the this is straight Mexico up in here. I loved it!
Our ward mission leader is seriously so legit. I mean the other ward
mission leader I had was low key less active (not judging if you're
wondering), and so it's different. His name is Hermano Beltran. He
called me guapo (handsome) so I think we can be friends. Hahahaha.
Well, that's about it that happened this week! Next week I will try my
hardest to do something stupid so I have a good story for you all. Jk.

Les amo. Peace out.

Elder Hepworth

So this weeks pictures are lame. Yeah I know. But, this is cool! Elder
Deller (senior missionary) makes these. He makes all sorts of pictures
and whatnot but I liked the Mesa Arizona one. So, I took it before I
got transferred. It's made out of cast iron.