Monday, April 24, 2017


What's GOOD familia and amigos 

How was your week? Well.... hope it was grand. But if it was not then well, life gets better my friends. It has its ups and downs but PRESS FORWARD WITH FAITH AMIGOS!! 
My week was pretty great!! I think. Idk honestly like every day goes by so fast and it's all the same so I don't remember much. Well, I remember, but idk if it was from this week or like a month ago ðŸ˜‚ that's how fast the mission life goes by!! 
So, let's do this day by day. 
Monday - we do the same thing every p day. We go play zone sports, then Elder Sorensen plays basketball with other elders and I sit there and write emails because I ain't about that life. If we go play golf or do some cheer stunts (but we can't do the cheer thing and never will I'm obedient guys gosh) then count me in. But nah. This last Monday we did like nothing haha. I took a nap from 4-6 and then we went back to doing the lords work. 
Tuesday- I think that day we had district meeting? Do you guys know what that is? We have district meeting every week... with our district. LOL. So, we have that every week, and every transfer we have Zone training meeting, and zone conference. The difference between those two is that some training meet is with your own zone, and zone conference is with other zones with President Townsend and his wife. But anyways, yeah we got taught about obedience at district meeting by my companion. 

*** hear me out fellas. OBEDIENCE will ultimately only benefit YOU. Apply this into your own lives, but I'm going to relate this to the missionary life because that's all I'm about right now. So, lesson time. Let's begin...... 
What is obedience? Obedience simply put is doing what you are asked. Why is it important? For your personal benefit. You can be disobedient on your mission and the Lords work is still going to be done, because he's not going to stop it just cause you're being stupid. But, you will get nothing out of your mission. You will have regrets. You will have not grown to your greater potential. After your mission you are going to feel regretful because you didn't do all what you were asked. After all, it's only two years out of an eternity. With obedience, comes more opportunities to feel the spirit and more strength to resist the temptation. We are here to learn the good from the evil and to be able to resist the evil and choose the good. How can we learn to do that if we aren't obedient? 
It's easy to apply this to your lives as non missionaries. Instead of reaching just your full potential as a missionary, you will actually reach your full potential as a child of God. You will more fully fulfill your purpose in this life. BE obedient to the lords commandments and all that he asks of you. He did not tell you it will be easy, BUT it will all be worth it. It is all for your personal benefit, anyways. By being obedient we will gain more control of ourselves and overall become stronger. ***

Wednesday - I don't even know guys. Missionary work of course! From Wednesday night to Thursday night we did exchanges. I went with the district leader so he could evaluate me as a missionary. I was ON BIKE for the day. I actually really liked it I wasn't even complaining. It was super hot though. Like guys... homies.... it's already 100 degrees here. Like no. Just no. 

Friday - we got to do some weekly planning SON. We often have a lunch with some other elders before we start weekly planning cause we just feel like it. We ate pizza. I'm getting sick of pizza. I've had it so much lately. Bleh. But yeah weekly planning is so tiring. BUT ANYTHING FOR THE LORD

Saturday - we did some good work! Literally just living the mish. 

Sunday - church. We had 3 investigators come!! There's one named Samuel who tiene todas las de ganar! (Is golden) when we found him he asked us where the church was and that he was going to come before we even had the chance to ask him if he wanted to. He has come the past two weeks in a row and told everyone that he's going to seguir adelante (keep moving forward) with this church. YUS. We also have this other investigator from Columbia that came and he is just super sweet. He's the same age as us too! 

Well, I think that is suficiente for this week. Peace out amigos ✌🏾 love you all! Have a great week. You're the best. Stay faithful. 
Elder Hepworth
One of our members
was trying to text us in English 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it says, "you are
the most beautiful girl hahahaha. Wassup my nigga you no good"

Elder Birthday Party Mexican Tradition

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