Monday, May 1, 2017


Hey todos!

Ha. Hahaha. You like that Spanish? I'm fluent. Jk. But anyways, HOW IS YOU ALLS

I'm good! Super good. This week went by insanely fast, just like
usual. Just like all other weeks. Nothing unusual.

But anyways, so all the baptisms we had set up, fell through. Right
down the toilet. Two of them should still happen but not for a while.
Friggin Satan get out of here! Frick. I'm okay though! Happy. Humble.
And still breathing!

Last night, for like the 4th time this transfer, Elder Snarr (remember
him?) and his companion stayed the night cause they live like 2 hours
away from Mesa out in Miami and they needed a place to stay cause they
have stuff to do tomorrow out here in the valley. Anyways, every time
they come over we just have so much fun cause why not? Elder Snarr is
all trunky cause he goes home the next transfer. So we just end up
talking about this girl that he likes and it's just funny 😂😂

K yeah I can't think of anything else. This is a lame email. I feel
bad for you guys that you have to read this 😂😂 lol.

Ok love you all!!

gotta enjoy the "colder" weather before Satan lights on fire!!

Elder Hepworth

TELL ME WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE?! Guess. I stole a picture of our church
before I left haha no jk. This is my church building. It is exactly
identical to ours and it's like being back home

This is a dog. Looks like a lion! (Mastiff)

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