Monday, May 29, 2017



Yeah... your guys week was a lot more exciting than mine! Well, every
day is exciting for me cause IM DOING THE LORDS WORK. But yeah you
guys got summer vacation! What? Weird? It's been a year? What? Cool.
Oh and for all those who graduated, 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 good
job. Very good job. For all of those parents out there whose lives
haven't changed. Well, good for you I guess. I hope you love your
lives. And if you don't... well.. then change it!! Easy as that. Well
maybe. 😂

So, here it's getting pretty toasty!! 100 degrees is usual. Some
people say it's "Nice" weather. WHAT?! I much rather have snow. I like
snow. And people tell me that's it's only going to get hotter her. How
can it get hotter it's already like 105 degrees? What do you mean...
HOTTER?! Guys, lol, I thought it was unbearably hot at 90 degrees back
home. LOL. NO. HAHA. But, I'm doing the lords work. His will my will.
I got this. You can literally feel the heat radiating off of the
asphalt. It's not hot enough yet to feel like an oven, but people tell
me it's gets that way. Like for example when you're in a building, and
you open the door to go outside, it feels like it does when you open
the door of the oven when you're baking. Totally not excited for that.

So, we've been finding investigators like crazy! WHOO. And we have a
person with a baptismal date! This one is going to work out. I got
faith. She's actually like super awesome. She comes to church every
week, reads, prays, basically a member already but not actually cause
she's not baptized haha!

So remember when I rode that tortoise? Yeah so we did some more
service for that lady and she bought THREE more tortoises! They're
tiny ones though. I didn't get any pictures though, sadly. Just had to
inform y'all. Now I think that lady has an entire zoo. It's legit. She
once took the snake out so we could hold it and I was like HA. No. Put
that back. Pretty plz. Oh yeah, the snake was some python thing I
think. She wrapped it around some Elders necks and I just kindly
refused 😂😂

Let's get a spiritual thought going for you guys...
So, yesterday when I was doing my personal study I came across a
pretty awesome chapter in Alma. It's Alma 32. So, I encourage you all
to read it if you haven't. But it talks about a seed. And basically
long story short, that seed will grow if it's a good seed, and if it's
not a good seed, it won't grow! So what does SEED mean? Well, The good
word of God of course!!! All seek to grow that seed, and if you find
out that that seed isn't growing anymore, maybe dying a little, then
you're doing something wrong! Always be looking to grow it. Building
your testimony. Building your faith.
Everyone who hasn't read it, please do.
Oh and just a little side note: if any of you feel like you're not as
faithful as before, maybe losing the testimony. Just think, what made
me believe and so faithful in the first place? If it was true once,
it's true now. And of course, do the basics. The basics are necessary!
If your testimony lacks, maybe you're not reading? Praying? Going to
church? Your testimony will shrink if you aren't doing those things.
Oh and do not ever say, "well I just don't believe anymore" cause
Ok. Love you all 😊 God loves you. Heavenly Father is listening.
You're all the best! Enjoy your summer!! Obey your parents!!!!

"The joy comes from him, and thanks to him, he
is the font of all joy." I LOVE IT! Because true happiness comes from
HIS gospel!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

05/22/2017 - RODE A TORTOISE

Hey Everyone!
So, in case you didn't notice. This week we got p day on Tuesday. The
rules changed a bit and whenever we do our temple trip every transfer,
the day our temple trip is, it turns into our p day. So sorry for the
late notice but I totally forgot about it and it was too late to tell
you when I found out. Whoops. Still alive!

This week was like... the same. Other than, I rode a tortoise! And I'm
still in this huge MANSION writing my emails. Legit. I'll send more
pictures. They have a slide that goes from the 2 to the 1 floor of
their house. What?!? And it's just literally a mansion. But these
people are still so humble. They try to go to the temple 3 times a
week. Like how? It's insane!!! Life. Liiiiiiiife.

So the lady with the tortoise has literally a whole zoo. She has a
parrot, another cool bird forgot what it's called, and a snake,
lizards, a shark, fish, turtles, tortoises. It's so legit!! Who knew
you could ride a tortoise?? I didn't. Thought I was going to squish
it. But nope. They're strong! And they're huge and just roam her
backyard like nbd.

This week was just great! One funny thing that happened was one day we
were turning into our apartment complex and my companion was driving.
And he hit the curb and it made a really loud noise and shook the car
and lowkey could've blown the tire and his reaction was HILARIOUS! He
was like, "WHAT WAS THAT?! I just pooped my pants man. That's not even
cool. I wasn't even by the curb I was in the middle of the road!! What
the heeeeck man!?" I was just peeing my pants for the next 30 minutes
😂😂😂😂 not as funny when I tell it. Just had to be there!!

Still loving it here and enjoying it all! Other than the weather is
super hot. 103 degrees today! Killer.
Love you all!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017



So who enjoyed talking to their missionaries?! I enjoyed talking to my
family. Sooo much. Like so much. Mhm.
So this week we had transfers so I got a lovely new companion 🤗 not
sarcasm, kids. He's awesome! But just how it is with every new
companion, it's awkward. But that passes and then you just enjoy every
moment!! He does good work. And he is from Idaho! He's from Middleton.
Wherever that is? No jk it's close to Boise 😂
Oh my gosh! So we had dinner at a members house. And this member has a
daughter out on a mission. And she is serving in TEMPE. YOU KNOW HOW
CLOSE THAT IS TO MESA?! Well, that's okay it doesn't matter cause
she's serving the lord and it doesn't matter where you are. BUT, as a
Mother's Day present, the president allowed her daughter to come back
HOME for dinner. WHAT?! I'm sorry but I couldn't do that. That's
like... insane. How could you just go home for dinner and then go back
to the mission life like nothing. Idk. I commend her for that!!! You
go girl. That's tough!
This week we just did some dang good work! That's about it. I honestly
just go through each day and live the life of a missionary. LIVIN THE
My email is very lame this week cause idk what exciting things
happened to be honest. But, that's that 💁🏽
Love you all!