Monday, May 8, 2017

05/08/2017 - New Companion Elder Gull


Did someone say it was transfer week? No? Nope that's cause I didn't
even say it yet. Yup, it's transfer week! And yup you guessed wrong!
My companion is leaving. And guess where he's going 😂 my old area!!!!
And I am staying here. My new companion is Elder Gull. He's a little
ginger 🤗 I already know the guy and he's awesome. I'm super pumped.
I'm also super pumped that I'm staying cause I didn't want to pack up
anything again. It doesn't even feel like 6 weeks went by! It feels
like 2. That's the life of a mission, my dear friends.
So, this week was a blur. Just like your guys' all was. Don't lie to
me yours went by fast too.
We did that regular missionary work thing. But, I've been reading this
thing called "the Ricciardi Letter". It's about a missionary who
basically is amazing and what not. But! It's awesome and it just gets
you so MOTIVATED TO DO THE LORDS WORK. One thing it talks about is
FEAR. Fear is not of God, it's of the Devil. Duh? Don't let fear stop
you from sharing the word of god!!! Even all y'all members, make sure
you're doing your job. You guys are missionaries too. 😘
Did you guys know that there was a moved by Dreamworks that's called
"Prince of Egypt"? Yeah I didn't know it was a thing until I came out
on my mission. It's about Moses if you guys didn't pick up. Well, last
night my companion and I decided to have a movie night. It's an
amazing movie! (Yes it is a movie we are allowed to watch. Calm
yourselves. Obedience is the first law of Heaven gosh.)
Oh yeah! ¡Ya vino el calor! The heat is already here 😩 yesterday was
weird it was only like 75 degrees and I enjoyed it SO MUCH. Cause the
past days it was like 100-108. Today is only 80 ish and I'm enjoying
it too. When it's like 108 degrees you can feel the heat radiating off
of the asphalt. You walk outside and it's like the wind is a blow
dryer. And it's so DRY. I'm a dang fish out here with this scaly skin.
Jk it's not that bad but it's going to get there. Luckily I'm still in
a car for this next transfer. The Lord must love me. (Joke. I know he
loves me. He loves all of his children more than we can imagine.

Well, that's my life right now! And LOVIN it. I hope your week was
great and this one treats you fine and dandy. Love y'all!
Elder Hepworth

Just thought this Alligator was cool

Elder Madsen is headed home
Got a picture with Humpty Dumpty


I was eating a nice granola bar and I unintentionally broke Idaho into it.  Wow Wonderful!

Eating at "Orchard Eats" after a district meeting

Y'all are jealous of my shrubbery

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