Monday, April 3, 2017



So yes as you've all heard, I got transferred this week! I am now in
Mesa, not Apache Junction anymore ๐Ÿ˜› it's awesome! My area is pretty
big. I'm in car! (Thank goodness) I wouldn't have been mad if I was on
bike though. I'm bound to be on bike at some point in my mission. I'm
down for it actually. But I mean i want to take advantage of all the
car areas if you know what I mean.
My companion is Elder Sorensen. He's legit! I'm the senior companion
by literally a transfer. So it's really weird. But I dig it. So, when
I got in this area we already had 3 people on baptismal date, and I
swear we have like 60 investigators. Our area book is massive. I was
like... wow this is really different compared to my last area. What is
My companion and I live alone and it's really nice cause I get my own
bathroom and closet and what not. Privileged? Nah. But it also gets a
tad bit boring because roommates are literally so fun. There are two
sets of Elders (us included) in our complex and so I believe next
transfer they'll just move those other elders into our apartment. I'm
totally down for it. I want roommates tbh. But anyways, yeah the
apartment is definitely a downgrade from what i was in before, but
it's not even that bad. The complex is called "the Moorings" and
whenever somebody hears you're in those apartments, they're like ew.
And I'm like yeah what's it to ya? ... so yeah that's my life.
So, my area literally looks like Mexico in some places. There are
Hispanics everywhere and I love it!! There's even some people that do
stuff like they do in Mexico. Duh? Lol. But no, by that I meant that
there are these people who will ride around on bikes with stuff
attached to the sides to sell and when I saw that for the first time I
was like what the this is straight Mexico up in here. I loved it!
Our ward mission leader is seriously so legit. I mean the other ward
mission leader I had was low key less active (not judging if you're
wondering), and so it's different. His name is Hermano Beltran. He
called me guapo (handsome) so I think we can be friends. Hahahaha.
Well, that's about it that happened this week! Next week I will try my
hardest to do something stupid so I have a good story for you all. Jk.

Les amo. Peace out.

Elder Hepworth

So this weeks pictures are lame. Yeah I know. But, this is cool! Elder
Deller (senior missionary) makes these. He makes all sorts of pictures
and whatnot but I liked the Mesa Arizona one. So, I took it before I
got transferred. It's made out of cast iron.

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