Monday, March 20, 2017



It's coming to the end of another transfer. We got one more week. What if I stay in this area again?! That would be crazy. Totally down for it hahaha. 

Anyways, this week was awesome! We did some great work. We have found a lot of people who seem so genuine. Let's hope it stays that way!! We found 4 new investigators. There was a funny experience with one guy that we had, I don't think it was this week though. But we were talking to a guy in a trailer park and he was totally just rejecting us, and so he pointed over to another house and told us to go talk to that guy. He did it just to spite the guy 😂😂 we were like... well duh we'll talk to him!! So we did, and now he's a new investigator. Haha jokes on you. 

So today, we get "A NEW CAARRRR" (what movie reference is that?! No wait... I'm consecrated.) we're getting a Toyota RAV4 2017. Wow. Spoiled mission? My companion and I had a Jeep Compass 2014 for awhile and we lowkey hated it. P.S. we're humble I promise 😂 

We did service this week! .... like always! We weeded and built a chicken pen. It reminded me of working at home!!! I was like... this whole "holding a shovel and weeding, drill, hammer, wood, thing" looks really familiar.. hmmmm? Yeah. Did that often back home 😂 my dad taught me well. I knew how to use a drill... AND A SHOVEL 😂😂😂 

We also went to the temple for the first time in a really long time! The temple was closed for a while because they were redoing the air conditioners because it's Arizona and those are necessary. Very necessary. It was so amazing! So spiritual. A very Jesus filled experience. They do Spanish sessions here and I want to go to one so bad. 

Well, that was my week! This P day we aren't doing very much. Kinda nothing. I LOVE it. I'm going to take so many naps 😎

Well, have a great week everyone!! Love you all be safe plz. Peace out. ✌
Elder Hepworth
Wow!  They parked close to Elder Snarr

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