Monday, March 6, 2017


Wow... I don't even know what happened this week? It felt like 1 day, not 7. Weird. But hey! Does it weird anybody else out that it already is the third month of the year? Like New Years was yesterday, no? 

This week was honestly just a week of regular work! Nothing much happened. Kinda lame to here 😂 

We had our first district meeting of the transfer on Wednesday. It was pretty different than all the others I've had! Our district leader decided to not give anybody a training to give, and so instead we just did a bunch of role plays. Not sure I've mentioned this, but I DESPISE role plays. They make you feel so stupid because nothing ever comes out the way you want it to 😂😩 but I decided to have a good attitude about it! And it actually turned out a lot better than I expected! So that was the highlight of my week. Other than for this p day!
Today for P-Day we went all the way out to Globe to the Tonto National Forest. I'll send pictures! It was so cool. I can't really explain it, but the pictures sure will. We went to this restaurant afterwards called "la cocina de casillas". It wasn't too bad! Globe and another town called Miami are SO TINY. I swear it's a population of like -20 people. That's not a thing jk. But on the real, probs not much. 
Oh, another cool thing about the places out here is that often things will be in Spanish or both Spanish and English. Idk maybe it doesn't sound cool, but it looks cool cause the signs and stores will sometimes have Spanish. Cool cool stuff. 

I wish I always had some awesome stuff to share with you guys, but life's not always that crazy as a missionary. Just insanely exhausting! But totally worth it. 
Elder Hepworth

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