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¡Hola! ¿Cómo están todos? 

So, one of the things that they changed up on the missionary schedule, is that we have. "Zone conferences" every single transfer now. That means 6 hour meetings every month 🙃 I mean I learn a ton! But I don't think anyone is a fan of sitting on your butt for 6 hours straight. But hey! At least they give us lunch. That's like my favorite part. Kinda like how my favorite subject in school was LUNCH. For this zone conference that we just had on Friday, we had to prepare a 3-5 minute talk on REPENTANCE. And then they were going to choose 3 people out of the two zones that were there to give their talks that they wrote. Pfft. BRING IT ON PRESIDENT. Yeah, well that's what I thought until I GOT CALLED ON. Really wasn't that bad. But still was like wow out of all the people here I'm one of the 3 that got chosen. honored???

So, one of the things that I've realized since I've been out on a mission, is that I don't know as much about the gospel/scriptures as I thought!! I mean it's not a problem, cause it is that way with a lot of missionaries. You just learn as you go. It's obvious that the older missionaries are going to know a ton more. But it was actually kinda funny. I was like wow... I don't know JACK 😂😂 I thought I was all smart and stuff. Humility???

So this week was similar to all the others. Just the missionary life! Except, we went to superior!! So, my area is massive. It goes all the way out 1 1/2 to Globe. Superior is on your way to Globe. It's this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere and it's lowkey sketchy creepy at night. Well, we went over there to see if we could find some former investigators. We did find some! But we also decided to have some fun in the town. It kind of reminded me of AF, except Superior is like two times smaller than that even. When we were over there we almost got eaten by this massive dog, there was another dog that was barking at us while running in circles 😂, and we found this awesome gazebo! And this nasty looking dentists office that nobody would feel comfortable going to. Luckily it's for rent. 😂😂😂 there was also this awesome mural on the wall next to the gazebo that was all Hispanic and stuff and it was so legit. I'll send out the pictures I got. We actually got a return appointment with a guy there in Superior, and of course, we came back... AND WE WASNT THERE. That's okay though. Too bad Superior is too far away to go there often. Not sure if all of you knew this, but we have a limit on our miles. So we have to be careful with where we go. Sooooo that's why we can't go to Superior often. Obedience???

So for this weeks spiritual thought, I want to invite you all to look at the Christlike attribute activity in chapter 6 of preach my gospel. It makes you truly realize how much you need to improve 😂 and non of you have a good enough excuse not to do it, because you all have smartphones and Preach My Gospel is on the Gospel Library. Don't give an excuse, I've heard all of them that have ever been. 
Elder Hepworth

We were waiting for dinner one night and we found this disgustingly
hilarious hand claw thing 😂😂


Elder Miller and Elder Hepworth



This made me laugh 😂😂 for those who can't read it says, " welcome to
your poor house, that neither is poor nor is your house". It's on the
wall of this pretty nice home Hahahah

For dinner on Saturday... we went to a wedding!!! Hispanic music is my

And then I found these pretty legit, but dirty, glasses in the Family
History Center and so I decided to put them on. Cause why not??

P-day Haircuts



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