Monday, February 13, 2017

02/13/2017- Quit Worrying about Yourself and Get to Work


It's so crazy it's already been another week! These week are like days
and the days like a few hours. I've almost been out for 6 months as
well! What the heck?! I swear I came out like yesterday. Enjoy moment
you have, because life flies by.
So we've come to the end of another transfer! I'm still in the same
area, and I still have the same companion. Got not changes this
transfer! I almost guarantee that after this next transfer, I'll be
leaving. I've been her a while! That's okay though, I love it here.
Our area is starting to pick up. We have some genuine people who want
to listen to us and actually do what we ask 😩😩🤘🏾 YUS!!! We have
been able to set up multiple appointments will all of our
investigators. The only struggle is them keeping the commitments.
Which... is a pretty big problem 😂 there's only family we have that
are soooooo sweet and genuinely want to learn and know.
This last Sunday us missionaries in the branch I'm over, gave talks.
It was legit! I talked about tithing. It definitely was a lot less
scary than the last time I talked, because I couldn't speak Spanish
very well back then. But now it's a lot easier and giving that talk
was a ton less scary!! Talking in front of people is a lot less scary.
I was a little wuss before and got so scared to talk in front of
people. The thing is, what is there to worry about? In missionary
work, you shouldn't be worrying about yourself. Quit worrying about
yourself and get to work. If you're terrified to talk in front of
people (which you have to do every day) you're worrying too much about
Well everyone, enjoy your week! Love you all and be safe! I hear it's
flooding back home? Shoot man

Elder Hepworth

Elder Hepworth and Elder Miller

Elder Hepworth and Elder Miller

New Tie

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