Monday, February 20, 2017

02/20/2017 - GOLDEN CONTACTS

this week was crazy fast! Well, every week goes by crazy fast. I cannot believe that I am still in my first area on the mission 😂 I thought that this last week I was going to leave. But nope! Still here in good ol Apache Junction 🤘🏾 
So Elder Miller and I have been having some great success here! We've found some awesome people. We have a couple named Jessi and Carlos. They're like golden. They are so willing to do things! And they do them! This last week we had a lesson with them (we were on exchanges as well, and the companion I was with didn't speak Spanish at all. So props to me). We've already asked them if they would like to be baptized and they said yeah maybe one day a little bit more in the future. Since we've asked them that, we've had quite a few lessons with them. So, this last lesson I asked them what they felt about baptism. Like, if they were wanting to. THEY SAID YES!!! Then, I asked if they've been praying to Heavenly Father to find these truths out for themselves. They said yes, every night we pray!! Then, I asked them how the felt about them (since they've been praying every night). They said that they feel good and they believe it!! YUS. I'm just really pumped about this cause they're like one of the first people to actually do stuff. 
We have some other investigators that seem promising as well. They have such a cool yard! They're so rustic. They don't like to be indoors watching tv or anything. So they're always outside working. Their house is all decked out with things. It's pretty legit. In one part of their yard they created a bar. I mean, the whole "bar" thing isn't that cool, but it looks cool! Haha😂 they have so many animals also. Like they have two pet tortoises, a bunch of horses, goats, chickens, ponies, and dogs. They're living the life! They also kinda live out in the middle of nowhere. Kinda like my family! 💁🏾‍♂️ (p.s. I hope to come home to a pasture full of goats.)
My Spanish is on FUEGO. I've learned soooo much since I've been here, in just a short amount of time! The gift of tongues is real, guys. I've seen it so many times on my mission where I've needed it, prayed my little heart out for it, and received it! 
Oh I have another story! So when we were on exchanges this week (same day as with Jessi and Carlos), we went to a persons house (ha go figure) and we were just talking through the door. We talked about so many things (in Spanish) and she talked about these two older guys coming over to give her little daughter a blessing because she has asthma. Since the blessing her daughter has been fine, except for one time during New Years (I believe that's the time frame she said). But everything is fine now and her daughter is all good. She's actually great! And I was like yus girl that's the power of the priesthood right there. Church is true. Amen. And then I dropped the microphone and walked out of there like a thug like that's wassup. Jk. 
On Saturday we did a service project at an investigators house of the sister missionaries. The service was filling in a few retaining walls with dirt in her back yard. I was like, HMMMMM THIS SEEMS A LITTLE TOO FAMILIAR TO ME. I FEEL LIKE I MUSTVE HAVE DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. MAYBE... MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD????? Except the difference was is that she didn't have a freaking backhoe or skid loader. I was like... man... shovels and wheelbarrows really stink. Blisters? What's a blister? I like those machines better, where I can sit down and just move my arms and maybe my feet a little 😂😉 but hey, we got fed pancakes and bacon when we were done. So, I was like eh.. worth it 😉 ok but on a side note, that lady is like rich. She was building a spa in the back yard and some other stuff. Her house is huge and gorgeous! We told her to invite us over when it's finished 😂 

Well, that was my week! I hope your guys' went well! Love you all
Elder Hepworth
"Kneaders" for lunch- Elders Hepworth and Miller

Spook Hill morning run

Spook Hill morning run

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