Saturday, February 18, 2017

02/06/2017 - My Spanish is Getting So Much Better

Hey everyone!!

How are you all?! I'm pretty dang great down here in Arizona! For
those of you who hate cold weather, it's warming up down here! (Not
that it really cooled down) It's around 60-70 degrees. I win 😉
So this week, I honestly don't even know what happened. It went by so
fast! Did I talk about the schedule change last week? I like it! We
have a lot more freedom and choice to fix our schedule to our needs.
Although, we only have 30 minute lunches. Did you know that?! I
basically have to inhale my food!! No jk 😂 it's all good. More time
to talk about Jesus with those extra thirty minutes 💁🏾‍♂️
So for p days here we usually go hiking or to some fun place like
"crazy air" (trampoline park). Today we went to Crazy air with a bunch
of other missionaries. We invaded the place. It was legit.
So, my companion and I are doing really well out here in Apache
Junction! We've found so many people and we have so many people who
want to here what we have to say. We have finally found people who are
actually progressing!!! For the first three months we struggled so
much, but now it's just poppin.
My Spanish is getting soooo much better! Its not hard to talk to
people now, and it's so much easier and less stress to teach people,
and to talk to them on the streets. OOH AND ON THE PHONE!! Oh my
goodness it's still a little rough sometimes though. That's probably
the hardest thing! What's really funny and sometimes awkward is when
somebody says something to you and you don't understand it, and so you
ask them to say it again, and they say it again... AND YOU STILL DONT
UNDERSTAND 😂 you just kinda stand there awkwardly, looking around
like well... what now? 😂

Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you all

Elder Hepworth

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