Monday, March 13, 2017


So this week was another blur. Why are they going by so fast? Idk.
Maybe I'm just enjoying it too much, idk.
So this week wasn't amazing with the work, but the Lord never said it
was going to be easy. Have any of you watched "Missionary work and the
Atonement" by the way? Watch it. We did actually find two new
investigators though! Maybe that's not a lot for some of you who were
bomb awesome missionaries, but these ARE PEOPLE, THESE ARE SOULS, NOT
So this week what I learned is.... wait for it................
patience. Patience is a virtue my dear lovely family and friends. You
know who tests your patience? Companions 😂 I mean it happens, it
happens. Especially cause you're with them 24/7. Like really. Like I
can't not be with my companion. Not exaggerating. We even poop
together. NO JK 😂😂 that was over the top, but I'm leaving it in
here.  Anyways, so it's just given that you'd get annoyed every once
in a while, no? Well there is a key to this PATIENCE I speak of. The
key: service. Serve your companion. Whether it be small acts or
something big. Maybe do something that the person wouldn't even notice
you're doing for them. By serving them you are strengthening yourself
and becoming more Christ like. You're showing your love for them.
Blessings? Are those blessings that I see? So, you can turn this
around with anyone. It doesn't have to be a mission companion. Anyone
you're around. SERVE.
I remember this one guy said to me (this guy is actually in our ward
and I honestly forgot his name I truly apologize in advance because he
was totally legit and the best person ever. I can picture his face but
that name just doesn't pop up 😂 he was over the teachers. He was at
high adventure this last year. You know who I'm talking about.
Whoops😂) that I need to remember that "patience is a virtue" because
for some reason I said that while at high adventure. He said to
remember that, because you might get a companion that you may not get
along with very well (not saying I don't get along with my companion,
he's actually pretty legit. Super funny little white guy. I'm talking
about missionaries in general.) but, patience is a virtue. Who was the
best person to show patience? Well, Jesus of course. (Did any of you
not actually know that answer? Shame. Jk.) so, LOVE EVERYONE AND YOULL
BE HAPPYYYYY. Even if they do you wrong. That's not showing weakness,
it's showing strength.
Well that was my little tidbit today. I love you all to death ... and
even after death because death is not the end. Amen. Love you all have
a splendid week!

Elder Hepworth

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