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¿Qué pasa? 
Espero que todos estén bien en estos días. De verdad, ésta semana estuvo difícil. Teníamos tres personas con fechas bautismales. Pero parece que no van a pasar los bautismos, porque uno de las personas nos dijo que su mamá le dijo que no se puede bautizar. La otra persona quiere esperar un poquito más porque no se siente listo. Y LA OTRA PERSONA está perdido... casi. Cada vez que pasamos por él, hay otra persona que contesta la puerta que nos hace una excusa. ¡Una vez él contestó! Pero nos dijo que pudiéramos pasar otro día, así que pasamos otro día y él no estaba. Es como nuestros investigadores se están cayendo de la faz de la tierra. No bromeo. Es la vida de un misionero. Solo tenemos dificultades ahora. Siempre recuerden a mantenerse feliz en los tiempos difíciles, mis amigos. 
Pero, aparte de eso, el área está bueno ahorita. ¡Encontramos a dos nuevos investigadores esta semana!
A veces, yo me siento como estoy en México otra vez porque unas vecindades se parecen a México, donde se encuentran puros mexicanos. 
Oh, otra cosa. Aquí en la misión, tenemos un límite de millas. Entonces, nuestro límite es setecientos millas para el mes. Bueno, la cosa es que nuestro área se extendió y nos dieron menos millas. Así que vamos a sobrepasar el límite este mes. Se nos van a enojar a nosotros. Whoops. ¡No es nuestra culpa! Nuestro presidente de la misión nos dijo que necesitamos comprar una bicicleta. Como resultado, vamos a tener el carro, con las bicicletas sujetadas al carro. Vamos a montar las bicicletas por unas partes del área y manejar el carro por otras partes. Ugh. Demasiado trabajo. 

Bueno, por otra parte, estoy bien! Andamos bien. ¡Se disfruten la vida!
Les amo - Elder Jepqort 

What's up?
I hope everyone is well these days. Indeed, this week was difficult. We had three people with baptismal dates. But apparently not going to happen baptisms, because one of the people told us that his mother told him that you can not baptize. The other person wants to wait a little longer because you do not feel ready. And the other person is lost ... almost. Every time we passed it, there is another person who answers the door makes us an excuse. Once he answered! But he told us that we could spend another day, so we spent another day and he was not. It 's like our researchers are falling off the face of the earth. I am not kidding. It is the life of a missionary. Only now we have difficulties. Always remember to stay happy in difficult times, my friends.
But apart from that, the area is good right now. We found two new investigators this week!
Sometimes I feel like I'm in Mexico again because some neighborhoods resemble Mexico, where they are pure Mexican.
Oh, another thing. Here in the mission, we have a mileage limit. Then our limit is seven miles for the month. Well, the thing is that our area was extended and given fewer miles. So we will exceed the limit this month. We were going to get mad at us. Whoops. It's not our fault! Our mission president told us we need to buy a bicycle. As a result, we will have the car, with bicycles fastened to the car. Let's ride the bikes for a few parts of the area and drive the car by other parties. Ugh. Too much work.

Well, on the other hand, I'm fine! We walk well. Life Is Enjoy!
I love you - Elder Jepqort)

Okay, I'll write this in English now. 
So, WHATS UP?! I hope you guys are all doing well! Truthfully, this week was difficult! We had three people with a baptismal date but it seems like they're not going to get baptized, or at least for a little while longer. So, don't expect any pictures soon, fellas. One person can't be, another person wants to wait a while because he doesn't feel ready, and another person just like stopped wanting to talk to us all of a sudden. One time when we went to visit him he answered the door and told us we can come by another time, so we can by another time and he wasn't there. Other times another man answered the door and he just made up some excuse or whatever. I mean it's all chill. The lord has a plan. I ain't mad. No me enojo. It's the life of a missionary! We got difficulties. Buuuuuut, always stay happy in times of difficulty! 
Other than that, the area is legit! I love it here. We found two new investigators this week! 
Sometimes I feel like I am in Mexico again. Because there are some neighborhoods in my area where it's just pure Mexicans. LOVE IT. I've come to the conclusion that I'm like an inside out coconut. 
Oh and another thing is that here in the mission with our cars we have a limit on our miles. So, they gave us 700 miles. Our area got bigger and they gave us less miles! So we are totally going to go over on our miles. We tried to talk to the asistentes but nobody is listening to us. They're going to get mad at us. Whoops! It's not our fault! So what President is trying to do is get everyone to have a bike. So the area that are big will have a car and a bike, so that way we use less miles. So now we have to go buy a bike!! Maaaaaan. Man. Bro. No just kidding I'm chill with it. I am totally down to ride a bike. The only thing I'm not excited for is the weather. It's starting to get hot down here fellas! LIKE REEEEEALLY HOT YOU AINT EVEN KNOW

Okay, well... other the other hand I'm doing really well!! I'm loving life. Love life, children. Enjoy every moment even when it may not be that great. 
Love you all! 
 - Elder Hepworth 
Elder Sorensen forgot to read the directions!  No using dish soap!


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