Monday, April 10, 2017


Ok I wanna write a little bit of this in Spanish, cause I'm really feeling it. I'm gonna write a story so all of y'all white folks just put it in a translator. If it translates it wrong.... then idk hahaha 

Ok, en el 8 de Abril fuimos a La Pastorela de Pascua. Estuvo en español. Antes de la Pastorela, fuimos a una fiesta con todos los barrios y ramas todo alrededor de Mesa. Bueno, para mí la comida estuvo rica, pero para mi compañero.... no. Vimos la Pastorela y todo en paz, regresamos a la casa un poquito tarde, y nos dormimos. A las once de la noche me compañero se despertó y fue al baño para vomitar. Yo me desperté al ruido de él, vomitando. Lo juro que él vomitaba cada cinco minutos. Bueno, trate de dormirme otra vez porque la verdad no me importaba mucho. Whoops. Pero, como a la medianoche él me despertó y me pidió una bendición. Claro, yo estaba dispuesto. Le di la bendición, y todo estuvo bien después de eso. Creo que él se despertó unas veces más. Me dijo que se despertó como a las cinco y media o a las seis para vomitar, y dijo que no iba a ir a la iglesia hoy. Dijo él, "screw that". Así que él durmió hasta la mediodía. Me desperté y me bañé, pero yo no le iba a despertar. Así que, le dejé dormir. Y claro yo dormí también un poquito más. El sueño es precioso. Al final, todo estuvo bien. Ya no está enfermo. A causa de la bendición, yo creo. ¡Tengan fe!
(TRANSLATION:  Ok, on April 8 we went to La Pastorale Easter. It was in Spanish. Pastorale before we went to a party with all the wards and branches all around Mesa. Well, for me the food was rich, but for my partner .... no. Pastorale and saw all alone, went home a little late, and we slept. At eleven o'clock at night I woke companion and went to the bathroom to vomit. I woke up to the noise of him throwing up. I swear he vomited every five minutes. Well, try to sleep again because I do not really care much. Whoops. But as midnight he woke me and asked me for a blessing. Of course, I was ready. I gave the blessing, and everything was fine after that. I think he woke up a few times. I said he woke up at five thirty or six o'clock to vomit, and said he would not go to church today. He said, "screw that". So he slept until noon. I woke up and took a bath, but I was not going to wake up. So I let him sleep. And of course I also slept a little more. Sleep is precious. In the end, everything was fine. He's not sick. Because of the blessing, I think. Have faith!)

So this week just flew by. My area is awesome! I'm finally learning where everything is at😂 my companion can't drive because he doesn't have his Tiwi Card, so I have to drive all the time. I'm chill with it. 

So this week was the beginning of "La Pastorela de Pascua" or "the Easter Pageant" at the Mesa Temple. I sent picture so it just shows how legit it was. We went on the night that was in Spanish cause all of the Spanish missionaries went and we did some fun stuff with talking to people in the audience and before the play we had a fiesta with all of the Spanish wards/branches in the area. Authentic Mexican food 😛😛

The work in this area is fire. We found another 3 people who are willing to listen to us this week. Our area in some parts looks straight like Mexico. It's legit. So legit. 

Some of my area looks super ghetto, but then other parts look super bougie. Best of both worlds? 

Well... yeah that's all I got... love you all 
Elder Hepworth
Mesa Easter Pageant

Mesa Easter Pageant

New District

Don't I look smart?

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