Monday, December 5, 2016


Nov. 28 - another P day! Today was a solid day. We did a "Twinkie Fun Run" mission activity. We got Twinkie medals too😂 they were lanyards with twinkie's as the medal. It was pretty fun! We had to start off with doing that thing where you put a cookie on your face and you have to slide it down into your mouth. Then after that you had to run just about a mile around the block. They also had bouncy houses!! When I get the chance to be childish.. I take advantage 😂 the rest of the day we just went shopping, washed the car, emailed, and went to the mission office. Every Monday we have dinner with the Rogers family. They're very open people I love it 

Nov. 29 - today was a solid day!! At one point I got a little disappointed in myself because I still can't teach the lessons how I want. But hey it's a process. But, on the bright side Spanish is coming a lot easier! Like tonight we went to go see a member tonight and there ended up being his daughter who isn't a member, and another woman who was Catholic. She had a ton of questions of course. Elder Familia told me that my testimony saved it. I didn't say much during the whole thing because I didn't know exactly what to say. But, i understood basically all of it!!! It's getting so much easier and I don't have to translate everything so much. It's pretty cold now. It was like 49 grados now!! 

Nov. 30 - it's officially been 3 months!!! Time flies. Today was literally just a regular day. In the afternoon it was a little rough because literally NOBODY WANTED TO TALK. Patience. Patience is key. After dinner we had a lot more success! It's getting so much easier to understand these people. I don't speak English that much with Elder Familia anymore because I need to become Mexican in approximately 5 weeks or so. I'm almost 1/2 way there!! You know what's scary?! It's possible that I could be a trainer next transfer! I am not ready for that. Nope. Not at all. Too young. So soon. Tragic. 

Dec. 2 - today was a rough day! But hey it happens. Was a pretty regular day. The struggle of the language at times. But it's still improving. Mission life is still good though. Don't get discouraged children. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IS SO GOOD?! WHEN YOU COME HOME AND LAY IN BED AND YOU FEEL AS LIKE YOURE IN THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM CAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD. Not sure if this is bad to say, but, you know you've had a good day of work when you come home smelling like cigarettes, your throats hurts a little bit from inhaling the fumes, and you're really depressed. THATS A DANG GOOD DAY RIGHT THERRR 

Dec 3 - so today we went to the Christmas lights at the VC/Temple!!! They're so gorgeous. We met a family there. It was a great experience. It's waaaay different because there's palm trees everywhere and no snow and it's like 60 degrees. I think I can get used to this 😂 inside the VC they have nativity sets from all over the world. not anything different happened today other than that though. 

Dec. 4 - a Sunday it was... so today we obviously went to church. Like is they even a question? I had to bless the water for the sacrament today. I haven't done it in forever! And it was IN SPANISH! I only peed a little. Like only a little. But it went well. After church we had "Potluck" since today was fast Sunday. Maaaan that food was straight from the CELESTIAL Kingdom it was so good. 


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