Monday, December 26, 2016

12/26/2016 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Dec. 19 - another p-day. Today we went to "Krazy Air", which is a trampoline park. IT WAS LEGIT! I acted like a five year old. Fantastic stuff. There's a trampoline park in Idaho Falls that my family always went to. This trampoline park is a lot bigger and has a lot more stuff to do. Yeah and after that we went to choir practice because we are singing at the Visitors Center on Christmas Day. We gon sound so GOOD. Then we emailed and did all other jazz. Oh, wait actually we went to breakfast at someone's house and she fed us "menudo". Do you know what friggin menudo is?! ITS COW INTESTINE. Personally I don't like it 

Dec. 20 - today we had district meeting. We haven't had it in a while because we have had so many other meetings throughout the weeks! Elder Austin and I gave a duo training. FIND WITH FAITH, FELLAS. After that we went to the mission office because Elder a Familia, de nuevo, left his bag somewhere. After that we went to lunch with some Spanish elders that were at the office as well. We went to "Orchard Eats". It was dannngg GOOD, and missionaries get 1/2 off. That's wassup. We also had to go get our front right tire fixed because it had a nail in it 😂 we've been driving with it like that for like a week or more. Whoops. 😬 

Dec. 22 - today we had service at AJ Food Bank. We've been there a few times on occasion. Today we sorted a whole bunch of potatoes! I was like... THIS IS HOME. 😂 so it's kinda hard to find people who wanna talk at this time of year! We've had a couple people tell us to come back after the festivities. Like.. what we gonna do until then?! Today was really just a regular day. Ok but the Spanish is getting so much easier! Today during dinner we got there a little early and the family was still cooking and so we were just having a conversation and it wasn't too hard. It was like I was having a conversation in English. But I mean there were still words and sentences here and there that I didn't quite understand, obviously haha. But yeah other than that it was just a chill day! Although, I will have to send you guys the picture of somebody's mailbox as a toilet that we encountered while finding a referral. 😂😂

Dec. 23 - Wow Derick was right. We give a lot of blessings! I mean hey, it's not a problem! Talking to people in Spanish is so much easier now. It makes me so much less stressed. Today was just a regular day. We did weekly planning today. Oh!!! But the Hermanas that are over our branch with us are having a baptism tomorrow!! YUS

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve!! I honestly kept forgetting that it was Christmas Eve. It came too fast, and it's just not the same as a missionary 😂 so we did a white elephant gift exchange as a district at the Deller's house (senior missionaries). I just got a bunch of candy, which I'm not complaining about 😂 we also ate Chimichangas! They was dang goooooood. We chilled for a couple of hours, and then went to Hermana Elba's house to eat dinner. OH MY FOOD. She feeds us good but like dang I could not each as much as they wanted me too. AND THEN, she had us take some home!! They had these "pasteles" things that are a type of food from Puerto Rico. It has a whole bunch of ingredients in it I don't even know, but it look likes diarrea. I started eating it and I was like oh ok this isn't too bad! I can totally eat this whole thing. I got halfway through and I was like wow ok I'm done with this but I need to finish I can't be rude. So, when I took my last bite my body was seriously so done and I had to gag it down. I legit gagged I couldn't do it 😂😂😂 and then they had some funky cat fish or cod fish stuff that I refused to try. I don't like fish. But I mean everything else was great!! I was literally so full. Totally worth it tho 😂😂😂 

Dec. 25 - CHRISTMAS!! It doesn't even feel like Christmas to be honest. We spent our companionship study opening presents 😂 I got this BOMB iPad case from my mom!! It's so legit. I got other stuff, which I really didn't expect. Thanks Mom!! After church we went to a members house and Skype our families. It was the best! After that we went to the Visitors Center and performed for Mesa! The whole mission that wanted to sing, sang tonight. We sang like 5 different songs. Then we came back and caroled for the Deller's. It was a solid day!! Feliz Navidad everyone! 
Elder Hepworth

Mom's Favorite Christmas Present is Skyping her Elder
Love you Bug!

Elder Hepworth is Happy in Mesa


He knows the routine of setting up all his Christmas to take pictures.

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