Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/2016 - Pictures with Santa

Dec. 12 - today was another p day and we went to the mall! Elder Snarr wanted to look for a new suit and elder Austin and I wanted new ties. I got this BOMBBB floral tie!!! Also, one thing that was like the best thing of my life is that we got to take pictures with Santa!! All four of us did. And tonight we had a miracle. A guy that we met at one of the church buildings found some Spanish people for us to teach. They are like golden. The husband of the family said that our message is just something that they need in their lives. I was like FREAK YEAH IT IS BE BAPTIZED THNX. Hopefully it actually goes through though. 

Dec. 13 - today we had ZTM. it was actually pretty good! Maybe I need to shape up on some things 😂 also, we had some service at 2:30. And during it we were talking to the lady we were doing service for (one of our investigators) and it turns out that she is an ex super star! Like literally she's got CD's and she performed and all that jazz. WHO KNEW!! To ZTM we rode in the "silver bullet". The silver bullet is a huge van that we use for transfers o lo que sea. I felt like a little kid going on a field trip because we had a bunch of elders in there and the scene was just like a field trip. We had ZTM in a church building, which is literally the smallest church building I have ever seen in my life. There's literally like 4 rows of benches for the chapel and then the overflow started 😂😂😂 it was kind of hilarious honestly. 
Dec. 14 - so today was literally just typical. But I got to say that I love being a missionary! You have some crazy and weird experiences 😂also, what I find really funny is when people ask my if I work at the store (when we're shopping on P Days). Literally I've been asked that like 20 times since I've been out. Every time a person will ask me where something is and I'm like honey I don't know 😂😂 but then I'm like, "BUT I SURE DO KNOW WHERE THE BOOKS ARE, oh wait, I have on here. It's called the Book of Mormon! Ever heard of it?!" 

Dec. 17 - wow. Regular day. My patience is increasing as well 😂 my energy as well. Spanish is getting there. Sometimes I find it hard to process English words in my head now. Like I had to think about how to spell "motivation" tonight. Also this week I got Facebook. Not sure how much I like it. I feel like I'm not really on a mission.. ya know? Pero lo que sea. ANYTHING FOR THR LORD!!! 

Dec. 18 - today was legit!! K, so this morning Elder Familia and I needed to do exchanges because we had a meeting and a lesson with some investigators. So I went with a member to the lesson, and Elder Familia went with someone else. I literally went by myself to a lesson. LITERALLY HAD TO DO IT ON MY OWN. If it was in English I would've been like oh yeah bring it on. But no it was in Spanish. Which really I'm not complaining about. It was just that I was a little scared because my Spanish isn't that great and I had members with me that weren't going to do anything except follow my lead. But, you wouldn't believe how well the lesson went. It was awesome!! Then after church, right before dinner, we were driving around kind of aimlessly like dang where should we go now we don't have anywhere to go. AND THEN, I just decided to turn onto a road and park there so I didn't need to waste gas and miles while we were looking. Well, it happened to be the perfect street to turn on. Totally guided by the spirit. Because on that street lives a family where a former investigator of ours used to live. We have visited them once before on like the third of a December and for some reason we like completely forgot about them. Yeah I know we're terrible missionaries I don't know how that happened. Well I guess that's why the spirit led us there!! So anyways, when we turned onto the street Elder Familia recognized the street and then so did I and we were like, well hot dang let's visit this family!! So we parked and when we walked over the Dad was sitting outside. It was perfect! We talked to him and all that stuff and he said he's going to church next week!! The wife was busy but she said she'd love to hear us another time. 
Elder Hepworth
Picture with Santa
Elder Hepworth, Elder Snarr, Elder Familia and Elder Austin


Krazy Air Trampoline Park


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