Wednesday, September 28, 2016

09/28/2016 - "Being a Missionary is so Awesome!" 10 out of 10 recommend


I cannot believe how fast time is going by. It´s already been another week??? What the heck. In 11 days I will officially be in the field. Exciting stuff!!!! Every week is kind of a blur because of how fast it goes by. Also, everyday is just about the same. But it never gets old!!! Being a missionary is so awesome. 10 out of 10 recommend. My lessons with the "investigators" are getting so much easier. At first it was so hard because my spanish was horrid. It still kind of is, but definitely better! I have noticed that my brain is switching to spanish (if that makes any sense) because I forget how to spell some things in English and I have forgotten how to say so many words in english. Now I can´t speak either language!!! So, in this MTC every like 10 sets of missionaries has their own house. I live in house 44. A lot of the missionaries parents send them packages often so a lot of the time we have a feeding frenzy before bed. It´s a beautiful thing. Our teachers are the best. Our teacher in the morning is HILARIOUS!! Pretty much all of the time it´s hard to get exactly what they´re saying because they talk in spanish to us, or in spanglish. Whenever someone would talk to me in spanish when I first got here, I would just say "sí" awkwardly and walk away. It worked like a charm every time. Whenever we have devotionals they usually speak in spanish and then have another person standing next to the speaker and translate it. I really needed the translator at first, but now I´m like no go away I actually understand what the speaker is saying hahahah. 

Anyways, There isn´t anything new here. Just a wonderful routine that I´ve got going on. I hope you´re all doing amazing!! I love you all. Be safe. 
Elder Hepworth
District 8A Mexico MTC




Welcome sign from the Welcome to the MTC package my mom sent!


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