Wednesday, September 21, 2016

09/21/2016 - Elder Hepworth Bore his Testimony in Spanish


I am doing so well here in the CCM! I love it here. Last Thursday was Mexican Independence Day and we had a ceremony for it. Mexicans know how to dance!! All of the missionaries were going crazzzy. Probably because we are never allowed to lol. Every day is pretty much the same. We learn Spanish, how to teach, and we teach lessons to "investigators" (really just teachers here). I love the work though!! It is crazy to me that this is already my fourth week??? I feel like I got here like a week ago. Not going to lie, Sundays are the absolute best but a tiny bit scary because everyone in the branch has to write a talk and then you find out during sacrament meeting if you´re giving the talk. I had to give a talk this Sunday and not gonna lie I kinda killed it. Oh, and yes the talks have to be all in Spanish. 

I really try to be exact obedient here. Some of the rules are honestly kind of stupid, but that´s not an excuse to disobey. My testimony of the church just grows every second that I´m here. I have felt the spirit so strongly, so many times. We often have devotionals. The words of the prophets when they talk about Christ, like "I know his voice" hit you in a different way here. Those words have never hit me as strongly as they do now. 

I am loving every minute here. Before I know it I will be out in the field teaching real people and it´s kind of intimidating! (just a little). Tomorrow we do a TRC thing where we teach people outside of the walls on the CCM. They could be actual investigators, less active members, or just members. It´s kind of scary because my spanish is not good enough quite yet for that! I guess that is what the spirit is for!!! We had our typical Tuesday devotional and one of the speakers spoke in spanish and then a lady next to her would translate it in english. I was surprised at how much spanish I knew! I wanted to lady to stop translating because I could actually understand most of what the other lady was saying in spanish! I can understand spanish better than I can speak it. It will all come with time. 

Today I actually get a real P day because we aren´t going to the temple this time. I absolutely love the temple but I´m glad I can finally relax. 

I hope you are all doing well! I love you guys! One more thing I want to do is bare my testimony, but in SPANISH! Bare with me because I am still a little limited on what I can say lol.


Yo sé que está iglesia es la verdad. El libro de Mormón es el mejor correcto libro en este mundo. Mi testimonio de José Smith ha fortalezca mucho. Hay no manera que José Smith trandujo El Libro de Mormón incorrecto. La Iglesia De Los Santos De los Ultimose Dias es la solamente verdad iglesia en la tierra. Me amo mi familia, y mis amigos. MUCHO. Y yo sé que Dios bendices familias. Dios es nuestro Padre Eterna, y Jesucristo es el hijo de Dios. Y yo sé que la Expiacion es real. 

Excuse me if it´s a little rough! I´m still learning haha. Love you all!!
Elder Hepworth
(Google Translate's best shot at translation:  I know that it is Church is the truth. The book of Mormon is the best correct book in this world. My testimony of José Smith has strengthened too. There is no way that Joseph Smith trandujo the book of Mormon wrong. The day Ultimose Church of the Saints is the only true Church on Earth. I love me my family and my friends. A lot. And I know that Dios bless families. God is our eternal father, and Jesus Christ is the son of God. And I know that the Atonement is real.)
The pictures of the ceremony are terrible but I tried! They dance insanely fast haha. Also the picture with my companion and I makes me laugh!! Our house is actually pretty nice. There proabably ten missionaries in each house. Theres like 50 different houses here. Also Hermana Art requested a drawing for her in her journal! I felt honored.

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