Wednesday, September 14, 2016

09/14/2016 - Elder Hepworth Loves Mexico MTC Food

Hola Everyone!!

I am loving it here in the MTC. It´s still crazy to me that I´m in Mexico city haha. I get to go to the temple for the second time today. It´s a little different in Spanish hahah. The food here is amazing. I don´t remember if I told you guys that Tuesday night is Costco pizza but... but it is. That stuff is like gold. My spanish is improving so much. You learn it so quickly!! I can mostly understand what people are saying, but what to say back is the challenge hahahah. My district is so awesome. They´re like my brothers and sisters now. We have so much fun and laugh a lot. Honestly, it´s pretty weird to be out on a mission. I felt like it was never going to come and now I´m already two weeks in???? The days honestly do go by sooooo fast. The food here is still bomb. Still lovin it. Every day I get so happy to go eat. Food is life. I´ve learned so much on how to teach people, the only hard part is that I don´t know how to say it in spanish lol. I really hope you all are doing well! Live life in the present and enjoy every moment you have, that´s the key. You guys are in my prayers! 
Elder Hepworth
Mexico City Temple
Mexican Lays Chips

Mexico City

District A at the Mexico City Temple

Bus rid to the Mexico City Temple

Hermana Art is from Mesa Arizona
Elder Hepworth is becoming friends with Chef Esteban!  Amazing chef at the Mexico MTC

Elder Hepworth and Elder Pickering
MTC Companions

Sacred Grove of Trees

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