Wednesday, September 7, 2016

09/07/2016 - Elder Hepworth Loves the Mexico MTC


I am digging it here in the MTC. Being away from home is honestly hard, but what I am doing is a really good thing. 10 out of 10 recommend. The people in my district are like my family now. We are all so close. They are all so fun.
Elder Hepworth with his Mexico MTC District
The food here is sooo bomb. Authentic mexican food is where it´s at. Every Tuesday night we have Costco pizza, so I get a little taste of home every week. My spanish is coming along really well! I talk in spanglish now haha. Sometimes I´ll just be doing my thing, and I´ll be like WOW I´M IN MEXICO THATS WEIRD! There are palm trees everywhere, and parrots all over. It´s awesome!  There are mountains on both sides of the mtc and there are houses that run up them. They´re not well put together, but they´re sooo cool looking. On the second day that we were here we had to teach a lesson is spanish. IT WAS A TRAINWRECK!! But we just laughed about it. I am having a lot of fun! Sundays are the beeest. Except they´re kind of scary during sacrament meeting because they don´t tell you before hand if you´re going to give a talk. You just have to pepare a talk beforhand and they just pick whoever on the spot. And, it can´t be in English. Our teacher is soo awesome!! He is really funny. All of the workers here speak little to no english so it´s kind of awkward when you have to talk to them because you just kind of awkwardly say "uh huh.. sí.." and then walk away. We have a lot of devotionals and videos that everyone watches together. There are about 750 missionaries here. It¨s a lot! The newest missionaries arrived yesterday so now I don´t feel so singled out and little now lol. I hope you all are doing well!! If any of you guys want to email me, go right ahead! I love you all.
Elder Hepworth
Elder Hepworth with his companion and roommates with Chef Esteban


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