Thursday, November 24, 2016


Good Evening All,

Today we had the pleasure of having two of the Elders serving in our stake to our home to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner.  We were very grateful to have Elder Tomas Familia and Elder Brett Hepworth in our home.  They are excellent missionaries and we loved having them.  They brought a wonderful spirit into our home.  We had so much fun treating Elder Familia to a real American Thanksgiving dinner - his first in the U.S. - and we had our son, Rhett (with wife Becky and kids, Annie, Brig, Camille & Elizabeth).  Rhett had met Elder Familia's family in the Dominican Republic when he served his mission there almost 16 years ago.  We had a good time remembering all the things we love about the Dominican Republic and the good people who loved our son all those years ago. 
Para la familia Familia - le amamos a su hijo y nos disfrutamos mucho tenerlo en nuestra casa.  Es una cosa muy pequena que podemos hacer sabiendo que uds. tambien cuidaba a nuestro hijo cuando era misionero.  Saludos a todos en la D.R.!

To the Hepworth Family - Your Elder is doing so good and we love him so much.  This is a great companionship and we are so lucky to have them assigned to our stake. 
I wanted to send both families the pictures as proof that they're in good hands here and that they miss their families and are so grateful for you all.  But, they are also grateful for their Savior and wouldn't want to be anywhere else than in His service right now. 
Que Dios les bendiga a todos,
La Familia Larson (Brad and Bev) in Mesa, AZ

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