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11/14/2016 - FINALLY GOT MY IPAD!


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Ok si I'm not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, but I have every day written down and even a little Spanish in there 😉 tell me how the Spanish sounds!
Nov. 8 - Today was the first day with the iPad! We also had exchanges today, which was an interesting experience. I was companions with Elder Austin, and we are two new missionaries... So it was weird because I don't know the area insanely well, and Elder Austin didn't know it at all of course (because it was my area). So after we had the meeting for our iPads we went out to teach la familia Contreras, then to dinner, and then to another appointment, and then to the church so we could have wifi to set up our iPads. It was such a struggle to set them up!! 
Nov. 9 - Today was our Zone Temple Trip!! I love the temple so much. The Mesa Arizona temple is so gorgeous, and whenever I enter into the temple I just feel peaceful. It just feels so right to be there. I also had the chance to go through for someone that another Elder found on family history. I don't really know if that's super cool, but it was pretty neat for me. After the temple we went to a restaurant for lunch called "Wings Express" with the other Elders that we live with. It was some pretty good food! You could see the diabetes and or heart attack radiating off of the food. We then came back to our area and my companion and I went to the church to finish setting up my iPad and do some personal study, then we did companionship study, then we went to dinner (which was once again me just enjoying my food while everyone talks in Spanish and I'm like yes mhm I get you. Not.) We also taught someone that went really well in my opinion. I was able to understand the people better, and I was able to teach them easier and more!! It was exciting snaps for me everyone. Also, Trump won the elections?
Nov. 10 - well, so we had a ZTM (zone training meeting) today, and then we had a stake correlation meeting this night. The ZTM lasted FOREVER. But I was ok with it because it was very spiritual. It reassured me as to what I want to be like as a missionary. I definitely want to look bad on my mission, when it's over, and think that it was the best two years and that I did my absolute best. But anyways, after the meeting we went and bought lunch because we thought we deserved it after that meeting. They have a $1 cravings menu at Taco Bell, who knew¿? They have some beautiful creations at that fast food restaurant. So then we came back to the apartment and ate, had companionship study (we were on exchanges so I studied with Elder Giacoletto). Elder Giacoletto and I went to dinner. He is m English speaking missionary and we actually went to someone's house who the mom spoke Spanish! So I got to practice a little bit today!! We then went to the church and he showed me some fancy shmancy stuff on the iPads and then we had our stake correlation meeting. 
Nov. 11 - so today was a good day! It was weekly planning, just like every Friday is. Maaaaaaan I was so tired during it. I wanted to fall asleep so bad and have Elder Familia finish it but NO I was obedient and pushed through!!! So today we taught the plan of salvation to someone and I could actually speak enough and have enough confidence to speak to them, and specifically about the Atonement. And then tonight we went and visited an investigator and we sang two hymns to her and the others there. I can totally testify of that bringing the spirit! And I was able to talk to them!!! 

Nov. 12 - alright fellas, these days go by so fast! It's already November 12! So, for today's journal entry or whatever you want to call it, I'm going to try to write it in Spanish. When I say try, I mean try! So y'all that can speak Spanish don't judge. 

Entonces, hoy my compañero y yo, y también los Elderes en nuestra casa fuimos al servicio para algunas personas que estamos moviendo. Después les ayudamos, nosotros regresamos al apartamento y continuado nuestros estudios. Y luego, claro, nosotros predicamos a todas las personas. Teníamos citas con dos familias hoy. Con una de las familias, yo podía entender muchas las palabras, pero fue difícil! Pero, yo dije mi testimonio sobre el libro de mormón, y en my opinión, estuvo bien. O, y una chistosa historia. Esta noche, Elder Austin estaba jugando con fuego, específicamente, con una vela. él pensó que estaría divertido. Bueno, Él básicamente rompió el vidrio porque el fuego era muy grande y Él quería to blow out the candle but the fire was too big (idk how to say that without having a mental breakdown), entonces pone la agua a dentro de la vela, y rompió! había mucho humo. Estábamos asustados porque la alarma en el apartamento. Cuando estaba ocurriendo, Elder Austin estaba diciendo "oh crap Elder oh crap!!!" Mientras tratando a parar el problema. Fue my gracioso!!! 😂😂 los hombres son locos.  (Google translate!- So, today my companion and me, and also the elders in our House went to the service to some people that we are moving. Then we help them, we returned to the apartment and continued our studies. And then, of course, we preach all persons. We had appointments with two families today. With one of the families, I could understand many words, but it was hard! But, I told my testimony about the book of mormon, and in my opinion, you did well. O, and a humorous story. Tonight, Elder Austin was playing with fire, specifically, with a candle. He thought it would be fun. Well, he basically broke the glass because the fire was very big and he wanted to blow out the candle but the fire was too big (idk how to say that without having a mental breakdown), then put the water to within the sail, and broke! There was a lot of smoke. We were scared because the alarm in the apartment. When it was occurring, Elder Austin was saying "oh Elder crap oh crap!  "While trying to stop the problem." It was very funny! 😂😂 men are crazy.)

Nov. 13 - wow today was pretty dang good day! So church always wears me out. Like that sounds bad but it's just so spiritually good it's exhausting. So tonight we had an appointment with an investigator and it was SO COOL!! I was able to teach the lesson. Like actually teach some stuff and not just lean on my companion! And also my companion went to the bathroom and I was able to carry on a convo with them and understand them! My Spanish is also flowing easier. It's crazy stuff. Also, the investigators we taught today were from Guatemala, and then grew up speaking some Native American language. So, when then moved here to Arizona guess what the language is that they learned.... SPANISH. I honestly thought that was weird because there are plenty of people that speak English here but nope they learned Spanish. Extraño stuff. My companion was talking to me and half way through the conversation he switched into Spanish and I didn't even realize that he did! How exciting guys.
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Elder Hepworth and Elder Familia

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