Monday, November 21, 2016

11/21/2016 - Missionary work is hard, but so worth it!

Nov. 14 - today was P day! And ok my gosh it was a stressful one too. Some days really test my patience 😂 so we did service this morning, and Elder Familia left his bad there. So we went back and they weren't home and so we called them and they said they would be back in about an hour. That wasn't good news because they lived far away. So tonight we called them while we were heading over to their house just to see if they had found it and we were planning on picking it up just right then and there. WELL, they couldn't find it. So we traveled all those miles just to go back with nothing. So basically long story short, we find out that they won't be back home until 6-7 pm tomorrow night. Elder Familia is very stressed cause he's like emotionally attached to his bag ha. But on the bright side I emailed ma homies back home and they alls doing good.

Nov. 15 - wow what a day guys!! Missionary work is hard, but so worth it. I don't have much to say because we honestly didn't have much success. But one funny thing is that tonight we had Volleyball at the church (the members play every Tuesday or something like that). And during I was laughing so hard because everyone was getting heated and hit and we were cracking jokes. I just stink at sports guys so I refused to play today 😂 but it was a good laugh.

Nov. 17 - today was a pretty good day!! I was in a good mood! During companionship we video recorded ourselves role playing with a stuffed animal and it was hilarious 😂 I mean of course the lesson sucked tho, on my part. Tonight we gave a blessing to someone! Missionaries always are asked to give blessing. Like a lot. But hey blessings see good, blessings are good!! Not much happened today though. But we did clean our apartment and now it looks all spiffy! I have one side not: learn to laugh! Laughing is healthy and the only way to get through like. Learn to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake. 

Nov. 19 - today we got transfer news!! So I'm still being trained by Elder Familia, luckily. But elder Austin (in our apartment) is getting a new trainer and his companion is moving areas. Tragic story. But anyways, today was rough! Always happy though always happy. They say that the best day to proselyte is on Saturday.... no. Nobody wants to talk and nobody will answer the door. NEVER GIVE UP. Also to improve my Spanish I'm making a deal with Elder Familia that we can't speak English to each other. It'll be good! 

It's crazy how fast the time goes by. It's just been about three months since I've left. This morning we pranked the Hermanas car hardcore! It was hilarious 😂 we put honey on their windshields and some spider web from Halloween, and then we tied soup cans to the bottom of their car so that when they drive they're dragging them along, and then we put a balloon on the antenna just for fun. We won the battle hermanas 😏 

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