Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28/2016 - 3 Dinner Appointments on Thanksgiving

Nov 21 - today was the first p day that was actually laid back! It felt nice honestly. Today we pranked the Hermanas car, which I believe I already told the story. Well, today we actually washed our car hahaha. We went to a car wash and it was the first time that I've went through a car wash where I was the driver. I'm such a big boy now look at me go. Every Monday we have din din at the Rogers house. They're an awesome family! They're very open too it's hilarious. We also went shopping for a little bit like usual, but we hardly needed anything. I can feel myself getting fatter guys it's tragic. It's like a plague. But on a happier note, we had an appt tonight with less active members that I think went well. The Spanish was there. The family was cooperative. And they said they would come to church! OjalΓ‘!!! 

Nov. 22 - so today was transfers and nothing changed for me. Luckily!! But my roommate Elder Austin got his new companion, which is Elder Snarr. He's a character! I like him he's pretty funny. Also, Hermana Morris is home now and Hermana Lopez is companions with Sister McGee (her daughter), and then sister McGee is training a new sister. So they're in a trio. I don't feel so bad about my Spanish now because there's another person learning!! Hahahaha. Also, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but here we have "posterity". Maybe it's like this in every mission, idk. But for example, Elder Familia is my dad and I am his son. Elder Fenton was Elder Familias dad and so he is my grandpa. But elder Fenton died (went home). So my grandpa is dead. And another example, Hermana Lopez trained Hermana McGee, so she's her daughter. And now Hermana McGee is training and so she has a daughter now. So, hermana Lopez is in a trio wither her daughter and granddaughter. It gets kind of confusing when a trainee is trained by two different people. Who gets custody? No one may never know 

Nov. 24 - today was thanksgiving!! HOLY we ate a lot of food!! I am seriously so full it's disgusting. I guess that's what part of this holiday is, no? We went to three different familias today. We ate a TON at the first one, just a couple bites at the second, and quite a bit at the third. Oh my gosh I swear I gained 10 pounds not kidding. When we were at the last house (one of our investigators) we just talked to the family for a while and maaaaan they are so awesome! They're so energetic and open and crazy just like my family. It was a good time to get to know them and be friends with them. The first house we went to was the Stake Presidents house. We ate sooo much and I was shoving food down my throats and my stomach was crying like plz stop homie youz over doin it! It was cool though because one of the relatives there knows Elder Familia and his family because he served in the Dominican Republic. And so of course he speaks Spanish, and so does the stake president. It was a good time today! Rough time with the food though. At the third house we went to she gave us so much food I was just like... ah heck with it BRING IT ON BRING IT ON!!

Nov. 26 - today was a good day!! Every day during studies I'm soooo tired!! I've got a good schedule for working out in the mornings though! The plague is getting under control fellas. We taught a lesson today that was just really good! I'm getting better at actually speaking words during the lessons now. Crazy stuff, crazy stuff. Yesterday we had weekly planning and I feel bad because I straight fell asleep during it and Elder Familia just finished doing the stuff. Whoops πŸ˜‚ it was a rough time. I am ALWAYS tired! It's getting easier but at first it was like an un unbearable tired, and now it's like I can handle it if I need to but homie I still wanna take that afternoon nap I always took back home πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ today I fell asleep during lunch. I regret nothing. 
Elder Hepworth

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You wouldn't think 60 degrees would be cold outside, but Arizona changes you!

Mission "Twinkie Fun Run"

Elder Hepworth's true view of his area
Elder Hepworth and 2 of his roommates (not his companion)

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