Monday, November 7, 2016

11/07/2016 - Don't be rebellious kids do what you are told.

Another week it has been, fellas. The weeks go by so fast and the days all mesh together so I forget what even happened. I forgot what I had for lunch.. and I'm still eating it. 
Anyways, every week is the same and every week is the best as a missionary! This last P day was Halloween right?? For Halloween all of the missionaries went to the visitors center, the family history center, and the church over there. In the family history center we were "looking for dead people". In the visitors center we watched short movies. One of them was called "The Entertainers". It was really cool! It's about the Japanese family that sings and apparently is really famous. I low key felt rebellious because the movie showed them performing and their music videos and stuff, and of course as a missionary you can't watch that kind of stuff. Lol it wasn't even rebellious but that's as close as I get. Don't be rebellious kids do what you're told. Anyways, and then in the church we played some minute to win it games. It got SO heated. One game that I was a part of was, me and another missionary put on scuba diving flippers, and another missionary had a plate strapped to his head. Me and the other missionary with the flipper needs to put up tortillas with the flipper and flip them up onto the missionaries head with the plate. It was so hilarious!! We looked so stupid and especially the missionary that had the plate on his head because he was bouncing around trying to get the on the plate. Also, starting as of yesterday, the Elders that I live with and the Spanish sisters in our area have started a prank war. Yesterday we stuck halloween spider web all over their car and so last night we were talking to them on the phone and they were like "just so you know you have started a war." Let the games begin 😏 This morning they put Vaseline on our apartment door handle, and on the two other elders car. BRING IT ON. 
Pero el fin, that was my week. I hope your guys's was great!! Live life to the fullest. 
Elder Hepworth
Elder Hepworth drives, Elder Familia his companion/trainer from the Domican Republic tells him directions from the maps on his iPad in Spanish and Elder Hepworth said he doesn't know his way around Mesa, doesn't understand directions in Spanish and "mom we have made a ton of wrong turns and have had to turn around." 

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